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2019 - present



​2005 - 2010

2011 - 2014

​2014 - 2019







Department of Chemistry

National Taiwan University

​The Scripps Research Institute

Thesis advisor: M. Reza Ghadiri​

Yale University (Schepartz Lab)

​Rockefeller University (Brady Lab)

Education & Research Experience

Honors and Awards


​國立台灣大學  化學系  新進教師傑出研究獎助金

Rockefeller University PDA Career Development Award

Yale University Postdoctoral Scholar Travel Fund

Camille & Henry Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. An-Tai Chen Distinguished Research Scholarship


Curriculum Vitae

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I was born and raised in Taiwan. After receiving my B.S. in Chemistry from National Taiwan University, I moved across the Pacific Ocean for graduate studies at the Scripps Research Institute with Professor M. Reza Ghadiri, where I worked on developing new DNA sequencing technologies and demonstrated that DNA movement at the single molecule level can be spatially and temporally resolved as it threads through a-hemolysin (a protein nanopore). Upon receiving my Ph.D. degree, I moved to Yale University (2011) to work with Alanna Schepartz and built the first beta-peptide bundle that binds sugars/polyols. My next stop was Rockefeller University (2014), where I developed Syn-BNP (synthetic-bioinformatic natural product), a culture-independent pipeline for the discovery of bioactive small molecules.


In the summer of 2019, I joined my alma mater, the Department of Chemistry at National Taiwan University, as an assistant professor to start my independent research career. In light of the fact that microorganisms use natural products to communicate with each other and interact with the environment, I see the study of natural products as a way to understand the chemical language used by microorganisms, the most abundant form of life on earth. Currently, my research entails three aspects on natural products: discovery, chemical synthesis, and enzymes responsible for their production.

Courses I teach at NTU include Advanced Chemical Biology (graduate level), Natural Product Chemistry, and Bioorganic Chemistry, and Biochemistry.

​In my leisure time, I enjoy playing golf and piano.

Teaching and Outreach

Teaching and outreach works have inspired much of my research.


Bioorganic Chemistry [Chem2037]

Recent Literature in Chemical Research (seminar course) [Chem4000]

Biochemistry [Chem5000]

​Natural Product Chemistry [Chem5118]

Advanced Chemical Biology I (graduate) [Chem7037]

[科普短文]《天然物研究的前世今生》2021.04.29 | CASE Press |

[科普短評]AI首度開發新抗生素之專家回應2021.03.18 | 新興科技媒體中心 |

[化學安全]實驗室化學安全指南》Chap.9.14 濺灑汞的處理 | 中國化學會 | 實驗室化學安全專頁


If you would like to join our team, forge a collaboration, or just chat about crazy research ideas, feel free to contact me.

+886 2 3366 8654 (Office)

+886 2 3366 8653 (Lab)

Department of Chemistry, Rm A521

National Taiwan University


化學系暨研究所 積學館 A521

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